Care and Respect

  • we respect each other, the site and surroundings
  • we operate as one team


  • we are accountable
  • we communicate
  • we challenge
  • we improve

Honesty and Integrity

  • we speak right, do right and keep it real

Fairness and Equality

  • we are consistent
  • we promote deserved opportunity
  • we seek outcomes that are positive for all


  • Safety is a value, not a priority



Latest news

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    The Health Plan 2018 – ‘Profound success is the result of small, smart choices completed consistently…
  • Charity Auction
    The Country Kids Charity On behalf of Middlemount Coal, we would like to take this opportunity…



Contact Us

Brisbane Office

Middlemount Coal Pty Ltd
Level 17, 444 Queen Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

GPO Box 241
Brisbane QLD 4001
Ph. +61 (0)7 3179 2000

Mine Site

Middlemount Coal Mine
Dysart Road Middlemount
Middlemount QLD 4746

PO Box 24
Middlemount QLD 4746
Ph. +61 (0)7 4985 0000

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