Leadership Team

Gerrie Jordaan, Chief Executive Officer

Gerrie was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Middlemount in March 2012. He is a Mining Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in coal, gold, base metals and diamond mining.  Gerrie has a proven track record in the planning, development, implementation, operation and management of large-scale surface and underground mining operations and projects in South Africa, Botswana and Australia.  He has worked in various capacities in the industry, including that of Project Director and General Manager for BHP Billiton, Thiess and Peabody.


Darren Cuthbertson, SSE & General Manager

Darren was appointed as SSE & General Manger of Middlemount Mine in March 2017. Darren has worked in medium to large scale surface mining operations and projects for the last 25 years. Darren moved from mining management positions to now executive management.


Ben-Louis Ludik, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

Ben-Louis was appointed as Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of Middlemount in February 2016. He is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and mining in Australia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Ben-Louis' responsibilities range from day to day financial management through to commercial support for the development and operations of the Middlemount Mine.


Prior to joining Middlemount, Ben-Louis has held positions of Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer of ASX listed Atherton Resources and as Financial Manager of TSX listed Ivernia-Magellan Metals.





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